Pearl Thusi writes on Embracing her Skin Tone as an African Woman-“I wished and prayed to be darker”

Co-Host of Lip Sync Battle Africa and actress Pearl Thusi pens down an open letter on Instagram.

Pearl posted a striking photo of herself on Instagram, shot by artistic photographer Islandboi Photography and captioned;

Colour has always been such a big part of my life.
As a child, being teased by other kids. That’s how I became aware of the colour of my skin. That it was different. Being taunted “You only seem pretty because you’re light. You wouldn’t be pretty if you were dark.”
I wished and prayed to be darker. To be accepted. But the sun laughed at my peeling skin revealing a fresh layer of it’s true form because even she couldn’t burn me hard enough.
I didn’t want to be different. I didn’t want to be a target.
Thanks to my parents- I learnt to love and accept the way I looked and I had to defend and represent the authenticity of my blackness with my actions.
You’re heritage, culture, tribe and any other type of validation isn’t determined by the colour of your skin.
I wasn’t dark enough, but I grew a proud, black African woman. But because I know who I am, where I am from and where I am going- I can wear ANY colour with pride. What’s beneath my skin is what truly defines me.
Be who you are.
Who you choose to be.
Be who you feel compelled to be to meet your destiny.
Your colour has little to do with it compared to your determination.
Be a warrior.
Man or woman.
Black or white.
We are one.
Our colours can unite harmoniously to make a motherland so strong and indivisible that the beauty is envied by all the universe.🐾

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