Video/Woman Sets Her Cheating Boyfriend’s Crotch On Fire While Sleeping As A Revenge

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” is once again proven when an furious woman tries to take a revenge on his cheating boyfriend after finding out he had slept with her co-worker.

In a 30-second footage it can be seen a man sleeping soundly wearing just underwear and a pair of high socks. A woman, presumably his girlfriend or wife, carefully and silently removes the blanket and did her fiery revenge.

The enraged women opens a bottle of nail polish remover and slowly pours some flammable liquid over the man’s crotch.Using a long lighter, she then lit up his underwear on fire!
The man woke up in excruciating pain and tried to extinguish the fire while his girlfriend barrages him with insults.

“You cheating on me with my f***ing co-worker, you didn’t think I was gonna find out? Get your s*** and get the f*** out!” the woman says while the man rolls over and moans, holding his manhood.

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