20 illegal African immigrants wounded in human trafficker’s gunfire after mass escape in Libya(Photos)

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At least 20 illegal immigrants were wounded on Wednesday in Bani Walid town, 170 southwest of Tripoli, after escaping from a hiding location.

Local sources said 107 immigrants – 23 from Ethiopia, 73 from Eritrea and 11 from Somalia – tried to escape from a hiding place in a site called “factory 51” when the local trafficker holding them named “Musa Diyab” opened fire at them, leaving more than 20 wounded.

 Photos: 20 illegal African immigrants wounded in human trafficker?s gunfire after mass escape in Libya

The immigrants were taken to Bani Walid hospital. A doctor said the injuries vary from medium to severe. There were no reports of deaths.

Bani Walid is a hotspot for collecting immigrants and taking them to the coastal towns before sailing to the Italian shores

 Photos: 20 illegal African immigrants wounded in human trafficker?s gunfire after mass escape in Libya

 Photos: 20 illegal African immigrants wounded in human trafficker?s gunfire after mass escape in Libya

 Photos: 20 illegal African immigrants wounded in human trafficker?s gunfire after mass escape in Libya

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