14 Years Old Girl Suspended After Getting ‘Raped By Three Boys In School Toilets Including One Who Is HIV-Positive’

A teenager claims she was forced to have sex with three different boys in the school toilets, including one who is HIV-positive and another who has gonorrhea.

The schoolgirl, whose identity has not been revealed, claims she was made to perform oral sex in the toilets at Miami Carol City Senior High School in the US state of Florida.

Speaking to WSVN, she said: “I was going to leave, and he grabbed me by my sweater, and he held tight, and so I was going to pull and leave, and he wouldn’t let me go.

“The third time, it was after school, and I was supposed to stay after school for math tutoring, and there was a guy asking me if I could go to the restroom with him.”

The schoolgirl allegedly told her teacher about the incident, saying she couldn’t breathe and was “choking and crying”. After she reported, the school suspended the boys involved pending an investigation. The school also suspended the girl.

suspended after getting ?raped by three boys in school toilets including one who is HIV-positive?


According to the girl’s mum, the school felt the incident was consensual as she didn’t scream or run away. To make matters worst, the girl discovered that one of the boys was HIV-positive and the other had gonorrhea. She has since been put on medication for HIV, though doctors won’t know whether she’s contracted the disease for another year.

Her horrified mother said: :She’s only 14 years old. How do you explain to your 14-year-old that she’s gonna have something that she can’t get a cure for?”


14, suspended after getting ?raped by three boys in school toilets including one who is HIV-positive?

The girl is now receiving therapy and is not ready to return to the high school yet.

She said: “I’m getting therapy, and you know, I can’t sleep at night sometimes, and I really hope this doesn’t happen to any other girl. This shouldn’t happen to any other girl or boy.”


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