Anambra task force officials seen dragging trader on the floor and pulling out daggers (video)

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A video which has gone viral on social media captured moment some Anambra task force officials dragged a roadside trader on the floor after scattering his wares. 

The incident reportedly occurred in Awka, Anambra State capital on Wednesday February 12. Some of the task force officials were also spotted pulling out daggers and trying to stop some eyewitnesses from filming the incident on their phones. 

Facebook user, Samuel Nebort who shared a video from the scene of the incident wrote; 

This is happening right now in Awka unizik Junction. By Ocha Brigade.

just because they are selling stuff on that unizik junction bridge. That why those guys on green uniform where beating them up and distroying this Goods. Fine tell them to leave they will go not to be beating them up like that. Your fellow Human created by God like You

Please lets make this video go viral

Here is the video below;

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