Dad bit his son to death because “he was cute enough to eat”

Parents have killed their kids for many bizarre reasons, but this has got to be the craziest reason ever.

A 28-year-old dad bit his four-year-old son to death because he found him “cute enough to eat”, it has been claimed. The father allegedly chewed on his son to show affection for him while on a trip to the beach. This left the boy with fatal injuries.

The dad was taking the child to Losari Beach in the city of Makassar, on Indonesia’s Sulawesi island, when the boy suffered fatal injuries. His wife got a call saying the boy had been taken to hospital where he died shortly afterwards.

Dad bit his son to death because "he was cute enough to eat"

Police questioned his dad, identified only by his initials HB, who told them the boy, identified as AM, had been injured in a motorcycle accident. But police suspected he was lying after they carried out an autopsy on the boy who had wounds all over his body.

After being questioned by police, the father admitted biting the boy several times on Saturday. It is claimed he chewed on his child because he was annoyed that the boy would refuse his physical affection.

He used the term “gemes,” which is an Indonesian word describing the urge to bite or pinch something cute. The closest equivalent in English is the expression “You’re so cute I could eat you up”. The term can also be used to describe the desire to inflict physical abuse due to annoyance. It is claimed the father experience both of these emotions when he allegedly killed his son.

Dad bit his son to death because "he was cute enough to eat"

He is alleged to have confessed to the crime, telling police: “I bit him because I was really gemes seeing my child.”

The father faces a murder charge and could face at least 15 years in prison.
A police spokesman said: “We inspected the body and it turned out there were many wounds on him and they were not traffic accident wounds.”

, who faces a murder charge,

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