Governor Sonko tells men to learn to balance their love for their wives and side chicks. Says its key to a successful marriage

Governor Mike Sonko advised men to learn to balance their love for their wives and side chicks in his nugget for a successful marriage. 

The Nairobi Governor who has been married for 21 years added that men should refrain from loving their side chicks more than their wives as a successful marriage is built on love and respect. 

Governor Mike Sonko also told men to always put their wives first, which according to him will make other things fall into place. He wrote as he shared a video of his wife on Instagram;

This the reason why my marriage with the 1st lady of Nairobi has been so successful for the last 21 years.  However for your woman to give you this kind of treatment you must love her and give her the respect she deserves.  Not liking side chicks more than your partners.  No, No, just balance the equation and you will never have domestic issues in your marriage as we say marriage is tolerance. How many men are phoned by their wives on a daily basis and don’t cheat?

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