Groom is called out for turning up in T-shirt and shorts for his wedding

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A man has been called out for choosing to wear a T-shirt and cargo shorts to his wedding ceremony.

A photo of the bride and her groom at their wedding reception was shared on Reddit.

The bride is seen in a glamorous white wedding gown while her groom dressed casually.

In the photo, the bride and groom are seen cutting their cake with a massive sword.

Groom is called out for turning up in T-shirt and shorts for his wedding

Reddit users commented, telling the wife to see this as a “wake-up call” to their relationship.

One person responded: “These kinds of pictures always make me sad.

“They also make me wonder if the effort put into their outfits for their literal wedding correlates to the efforts they put into their relationships.”

This isn’t the first time a groom has dressed casually to his wedding while the bride was wearing a proper wedding gown.

Months ago, Dominican singer, Nfasis, married his wife in t-shirt and jeans 

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