Heartbreaking video of a Nigerian mother and her child sleeping at the Nigerian embassy in South Africa

A heartbreaking video of a young Nigerian mother and her son sleeping at the Nigerian consulate in South Africa has surfaced days after some Nigerians were evacuated from the country. 

The young mother is reportedly one of the Nigerians that have opted to leave South Africa over the xenophobic attacks on foreign nationals by South Africans. The Nigerian lady who has been sleeping at the consulate since Tuesday September 12, said she is waiting to make the next bus that will take her and others to the airport to be flown back to Nigeria for free. 

Speaking on the steps of the consulate, while holding her young child, the woman said, “I’m leaving South Africa because of the fight [sic] and it affect my area a lot. They burnt all the shops, some houses and even my flat. They came there. So I just have to leave”.

The mother of one revealed that she has been in South Africa for 5 years and doesn’t know if she will ever come back. She also expressed hope of getting help from her family when she arrives Nigeria. 

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