I’ve had my AK-47 and pistol for 11 years and I hold them boldly in broad daylight like the police hold their rifles – Arrested herdsmen speaks

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The Bauchi state police command has paraded a Fulan herdsmen who was found in possession of an AK-47 and a pistol. 

The suspect identified as Sadiq Mohammed, said the guns found on him are not his even though he has had them for 11 years. He added that he has never killed anyone with the guns which he said are for protection. 

The father of two  said, “I have  had these guns for 11 years. I have  got them since I was in Plateau State. The man who first bought this gun is dead. He was killed, so I took it.

“I have never killed any person with these guns but I’ve been using them to protect myself and my cows from people who may want to attack me and steal my animals.

“Any time I take my cows to Plateau State, I use the guns to protect myself while moving with them.”

He further revealed that he has used the guns several times to ward off cattle rustlers in states he visited. 

He said, “I have  had times while rearing my cattle in the bush that people attacked me and I opened fire on them to scare them away, and when they ran away, and I also escaped with my cows.

“I don’t have a licence to own a gun, the real owner was killed while we were rearing our cows some years ago, so I took the gun (AK-47 rifle) and it  became mine. I  was using  it  to protect  myself.

“I know that carrying a gun without a  licence is an offence, but because of the way things are in our place that is why I rear my cows with the gun. So long as I am with my cows, I don’t put my gun away, I am always with it even if I am sleeping. I keep it beside me. I hold it in broad daylight  boldly like the police hold their rifles when I am with the cows and nobody has ever stopped me.”

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