Kenyan author, Shailja Patel advises men to do ‘Vasectomy’ till they are ready to be responsible fathers

Shailja Patel, who is an internationally acclaimed Kenyan poet, playwright, theatre artist, and political activist has just shared a piece of advice for men to consider Vasectomy (a medical operation of cutting the tubes through which a man’s sperm move, in order to stop his partner getting pregnant) as an option till they are ready to be commited fathers.

In her words, ‘vasectomy is safe and reversible. Get one today, so you’ll never be responsible for an unwanted pregnancy. When you’re 100% ready and resourced to be a loving, committed father, with a woman who’s 100% ready and eager to have a child with you, reverse it’.

She added that, ‘wanting to father a child is not the same thing as wanting to be a parent. Even if you say you want to be a parent, that doesn’t mean you’re ready physically, materially, emotionally to care for, raise, and provide for a child, from birth to adulthood’.

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