Kevin Federline wants his child support from Britney Spears increased from $20k a month after her successful Vegas shows-No shame?

Britney Spears’ ex husband, Kevin Federline got his lawyers to write to the singer demanding for more child support following her successful Las Vegas shows. ?????
On Thursday February 22nd, Federline had his attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan send a letter to Britney asking to discuss the ex couple’s current monthly financial arrangement as it pertains to child support. The former couple share two children together and have been separated since 2007 after just three years of marriage.

After their separation in 2007, Kevin took custody of their two boys, Jayden and Sean, because Britney was dealing with mental issues and she agreed to pay $20k a month as child support, saying that was all she could afford because of her lack of work due to her mental breakdown – which affected new opportunities. ?????????
Now things have changed for Britney. She’s making more money, especially with her Las Vegas residency, which earns her $475,000 per show and totals out to $15 million a year, and Kevin wants a part of the money. The new amount he wants wasn’t made public.

Kevin’s defence is that he has majority custody of the kids and it’s important that their kids’ lives are financially balanced between the two of them. He also claimed he puts her busy schedule into consideration and has had to travel to shows so she could be with their kids instead of using his time to make money.??

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