Ladies arrested in Abuja for prostitution speak, confirm they were sexually assaulted by officers from Utako police station(video)

Some of the ladies who were arrested and charged to court for prostitution in Abuja last week Friday April 26th and Monday April 29th respectively, have given an account of what transpired. 

The ladies had an interview with humanrights activist, Dorothy Njemanze, at a press conference in Abuja earlier today, where they each gave an account of what transpired.

One of the girls said 

”I am talking about what happened on Friday been the 26th of April 2019. I invited to a birthday apartment at Beccan apartment. I was inside the apartment. After cthe cutting of the cake and eating, I came out to get bottled water at the reception. The next thing that a woman just held my hand, slapping me and pushing me out with force,. I was like what i happening? We were up to 71 girls parked in Utako police station that night.

They released 60 and left 11 girls inside the cell. We were pleading that they let us go. Instead they ended up beating us up. Honestly it was very painful. I was on my period. I even asked a police woman to give me pad and she said she doesn;t have pad to give to me. I don’t know how my sister knew and she brought pad for me. When I wanted to change, a policeman had to follow me inside the cell room. He was looking at my nakedness. This thing that is happening in Nigeria is unfair. We are not girls standing on the street” he said

 Watch video clips below

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