Mississippi police officers filmed pointing gun at black man, choking and body-slaming him

A video going viral online shows Mississippi police officers harassing a black man and using brutal force on him.

In the video, a police officer is seen pointing a gun at the black man while giving him conflicting instructions. The black man seemed afraid at this point and his girlfriend can be heard in the background warning him not to move at all so they won’t have an excuse to shoot him.

The girlfriend is then heard asking the officer which he wants; for her boyfriend to get on the ground or for him to get his license. 

Confused, the boyfriend put his hands in the air where the officer could see it.

Soon another officer joins them and lunges at the African American man then begins to choke him. Both police officers then wrestled the man to the ground as he kept screaming that he did nothing. His girlfriend, who was filming, can also be heard screaming in terror.

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