Photos-North Korean defector says she watched 11 musicians get blown to bits by anti-aircraft guns and saw her teenage classmates forced to become Kim Jong-un’s sex slaves

Stories coming out of North Korea never fails to shock the hearer, what with the level of crimes against humanity committed in the dictatorship on a daily basis.

A North Korean defector has revealed she watched as 11 musicians were blown to bits by anti-aircraft guns after they were accused of making a pornographic film.  She also told of how she saw her teenage classmates dragged off to become Kim Jong-un’s sex slaves. Hee Yeon Lim, 26, opened up about how the tyrant nonchalantly orders executions of people, including family members.

The Pyongyang graduate risked her life by making the revelations but did so to expose sensitive information about the leader. She claims he forces the upper classes in Pyongyang to watch the horrific killings and later enjoys £1,000 lunches.

Ms Lim, the daughter of an army colonel, alleged the North Korea tyrant has sex slaves and hides in covert boltholes to make it impossible to trace him. Lim fled North Korea back in 2015 with her mother and brother and made it to Seoul, South Korea after witnessing her classmates dragged into sex slavery.

She said her “prettiest’ classmates were selected to work for him and were taught to give him massages or even become his sex slaves. She said they are taken away to work in one of his many boltholes and serve him luxury food, including caviar and other extremely rare delicacies. If they made mistakes or objected to their treatment they would “simply disappear” – even if they became pregnant, she said.

She spoke to the Mirror from a secret location, revealing she knew from an early age “never to question” the then leader Kim Jong- Il. She has changed her name for security reasons and said that she was “scared” after “seeing terrible things in Pyongyang”.

Ms Lim said she was one of 10,000 people who witnessed the killing of the 11 musicians accused of making a pornographic film.

She said: “The musicians were brought out, tied up, hooded and apparently gagged, so they could not make a noise, not beg for mercy or even scream. What I saw that day made me sick in my stomach. They were lashed to the end of anti-aircraft guns. There were around 10,000 people ordered to watch that day and I was standing 200 feet from these victims.

“A gun was fired, the noise was ¬deafening, absolutely terrifying and the guns were fired one after the other. The musicians just disappeared each time the guns were fired into them. Their bodies were blown to bits, totally destroyed, blood and bits flying everywhere. And then after that military tanks moved in and they ran over the bits on the ground where the remains lay.’

She later suggested that Jong-un threatens war because he “feels concerned” and has “no escape”. She continued to say that people in Pyongyang openly support Kim Jong-Un because they would be killed if they didn’t and that this applied even to his inner-circle.

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