“Release our husbands for us. There’s no Coronavirus” Wives of Egbin power station workers storm the company’s residential estate to demand that their husbands be released (video)

Wives of Egbin power station workers made a scene as they called for their husbands to be released to them.

Staff of Egbin power station, in Egbin-Ikorodu, have reportedly been banned from going home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They are expected to remain within the company’s residential estate to avoid Coronavirus.

According to a source who spoke to LIB, the staff were told that if they leave the premises of the estate, they stand to loose their jobs.

However, wives of the workers, who have not seen their husbands for weeks due to the official decree, stormed the estate where staff of Egbin power station workers are housed.

In a video making the rounds, the women threatened that they will take action if they return after 25 hours and their husbands have not been released to them.

“Release our husbands for us. There is no Coronavirus,” the women called from the gate to estate.

A source who spoke to LIB said: “The wives are protesting for the management of the power holding company to let their husbands come home.

“The electricity company has been privatised now. The Asians in charge call the shots and  they have given them a choice. Either stay back and work or go home and be jobless.”

Watch the video below.
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