See The deplorable state of a primary school in Sapele, Delta State

This is an open letter to the Commissioner for Education in Delta State and Governor Ifeanyi Okowa, on the deplorable state of Eyietan Primary School-Comrade Wisdom, Chief Editor of Sapele Olofofo News Agency, Sapele. Read below:


Permit me to bring to your notice the current state of Eyietan Primary School. This is a government owned primary school located along the stretch extension of Mission Road, Sapele, Delta State.

While I commend the effort of the state government together with the the intervention of the State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) and all other academic adjoining bodies for the construction of new class room blocks and provision of modern educational aiding facilities, I must in same vane not fail to point out, that Eiyetan Primary School is the worse of all state primary school in Sapele, Delta State.

Our team visited the school premises yesterday Friday the 10th Day of November 2017, I must confess that what we saw is far worse than an eyesaw, as seen in the photos attached to this article. for God sake how can a oil rich state like ours abandon a school this way, should we be told that education is one of the key to economic growth and as such must be giving keen attention above others

I am using this medium to call on the state government to act quickly so as to re-fix this school.

There is no way a pupil can do well in such ugly circumstances

The Aiyetan Primary School in Sapele Local Government is a good study guide on how most public schools in Delta state have suffered untold decay and negligence.

The school has shortage of staff and regrettably there is no staff room for teachers who cluster in the corridors as their official office. It is always horrible for the teachers any time it rains as they normally run helter-skelter for cover.

Worse still, the dilapidated structure currently used as classrooms in is disheartening , is more or less, like a mad man’s abode. The roofing sheets are corrugated and shattered, the floor is not properly paved and the open classrooms which are highly disorganised follow one another without any form of decency , they do not provide any good atmosphere for studies.

No toilet for staffs and pupils. The whole thing stinks. The school looks more or less like a poultry farm, a close look at some of the classrooms show there are no blackboards to teach the pupils, the classes are built without a blackboard, this is the extent education has gone down in Delta state.

As funny as this may sound, it is the gospel truth as any one in doubt can go and find out his or herself.

It is the wish of the pupils of this school to enjoy conducive atmosphere of studies so that they can be taught well and pass their exams with good marks.

To this effect, I am appealing to the Executive  Governor, Delta State, Sen Dr Arthur Ifeanyi Okowa the Commissioner for Education  to consider the issue of this very school as a matter of urgency from imminent collapse.

The entire place is stinking and the only thing the government can do now is to act quickly.

More photos below…

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