Snake charmer gets strangled by his pet python while performing a live show (video)

A snake charmer is in critical condition in hospital after he was strangled by his pet python as he performed a live show.

The incident occurred at Mau in Uttar Pradesh, India, on March 20. In a video of the incident shared online, the snake charmer is seen with the snake wrapped around his neck as part of the show. But the snake soon began to tighten around his neck and squeeze.

At first, spectators thought it was part of the show, until the snake charmer choked and fell to the floor, then they knew he was in distress and three men ran to his aid and helped free him from the python’s grip.

He was taken to a local hospital where he was given first aid and later referred to another hospital in Varanasi where he remains in critical condition.

Watch the video below.

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