The City Girls reveal how to spot a broke man and men are upset(Video)

The City Girls (the famous New Orleans group on Drake’s In My Feelings song) just gave an interview where they explained how to know a broke man when you see him.

A man can dress rich and try to look rich but these women have revealed 10 signs that you should look out for that will tell you whether a man is broke.

Below is the list they gave during the interview:

1. The man has dirty fingernails

2. The man loudly talks about h*es. (like he says ‘where the hoes at-‘)-if you got money the hoes come to you

3. The man wears fake underwear. He has to have name brand drawers – polo, calvin Klein

4. The man drives an old car (2012 or earlier, looking like a pizza hut car)

5. If he tells you his car in the shop

6. If he always wearing an undershirt lol (like why dont you got a shirt)

7. If he’s in the club with a little cup in his hand

8. If he never has his hair cut/he wearing slides and socks

9. If you meet him Saturday and he asks you for money on Tuesday

10. if his babys momma look busted

Apparently, the interview has some men on social media in their feelings and they’ve said some of the points listed by the women prove nothing.

Watch the video below and tell if you agree with them.

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