Update: Devastated partner of ex-footballer Marvin Morgan reveals he collapsed and died on work trip abroad

The devastated partner of fashion designer and former footballer Marvin Morgan, has revealed that he died suddenly while on a work trip abroad.

Jerri Fletcher, 36, who was in a relationship with Marvin, 38, for 14 years told MailOnline that he was visiting a factory that made clothes for his ‘Fresh Ego Kid’ brand, when he collapsed.

Chelsea striker Romelu Lukaku, Arsenal’s Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, and Manchester United’s Harry Maguire, who wore the clothing, have all described their grief after his sudden death over the weekend.

Ms. Fletcher sobbed: ‘I got a call early on Monday morning saying that he suddenly collapsed and died. Marvin was not in the UK at the time, he was away visiting one of the factories that makes his clothes, preparing for the new season.

‘We were together for 14 years and I’m heartbroken. We don’t know the full details of what caused his death and I’m not even able to process this news so don’t want to say too much. It’s very painful. Marvin was a much-loved man.’

The couple shared a home in Hertfordshire with their seven-year-old son.

A relative of Ms Fletcher added: ‘It was well known that Marvin suffered from cavernoma, but he was very positive about it and was doing a lot to help other people who also had it and raise awareness about this condition.

‘A lot of people loved him, we will miss him a lot. He loved his family, had great energy, and had big dreams for his label. We are totally devastated. We don’t know the exact cause of his death yet, but he collapsed suddenly.’

Marvin was on medication for life after being diagnosed with a cavernoma, a cluster of abnormal blood vessels that are usually found in the brain or spinal cord. These cause seizures, strokes, and in the worst cases, premature death.

Update: Devastated partner of ex-footballer Marvin Morgan reveals he collapsed and died on work trip abroad

He played for 17 clubs during his football career but was most active at Aldershot Town and Shrewsbury Town before falling ill while training with Plymouth Argyle.

After his condition was revealed in 2018, Marvin described almost dying when he fell ill – collapsing twice in a day while training after suffering a night seizure that caused haemorrhaging.

He said at the time: ‘I am on medication for the rest of my life and I have something called a cavernoma. It is something to do with blood vessels in the brain and I have nocturnal seizures. Describing what forced him to quit football he said: ‘So what happened on that day was I had a seizure in my sleep, went to training, tried to run and basically when you seizure it drains you of all energy. Trying to run made me seizure again and it made me dehydrated which made me worse’.

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