Woman earns ₦28 million a year from selling own used pant (Photo)

A woman has revealed she earns around £60,000 (about N28m) a year selling her worn pants and uses the money to look after stray cats, who visit her home.

Raven Nix, 33, from Bristol, sells her worn undies for £20 (about N9,200) a time and also cashes in by selling pots of urine and raunchy videos to strangers online, according to odditycentral.com.

She also makes cash from ‘money slaves’, who deposit cash in her account for no reason and enjoy the humiliation of being ignored by her.

The animal lover, who once sold two thongs for £250 (about N115,000), said that rather than splashing out on a lavish lifestyle, she uses the money to pay for vet’s bills and pet food as she can’t resist helping stray cats.

Nix said ;

“Before I did this if there was an animal that needed me, I’d have to think about whether I could afford it – then I found out I could sell my underwear.

“I’ve got four cats that live in my house, another that lives outside and there are feral ones that come around so I can feed them.

“There are 11 in total that come to get fed. I’ve also got a bunny.

“I just take them in. I live on my own and I love them. I’m a real cat lady. I can’t resist helping an animal if I see that it’s in need.”

Her family and partner aren’t bothered about it either.

“My aunty thinks it’s a brilliant way to make money and my fella (man) is fine with it. He says if someone wanted to pay for his boxers, he’d definitely do it.”

Explaining how she got started with her enterprise, she said, “Someone messaged me asking if they could buy a pair of underwear.

I thought ‘that’s disgusting’ but then I spoke to a friend who said there was a market for it. I thought this could be something I could do.

“It went from there. I sold a dirty pant for £20 and lots more inboxed me with requests.

“I buy them in bulk from supermarkets, £8 (about N4,000) for five pairs, and wear them. Some people have particular requests.

“I once sold two pants for £250. He wanted me to wear them for a week. I showered but would put them on for an hour here and there. It makes you wonder what they do with them.

“I get £40 (about N18,500) every Friday for a week’s worth of pee. People will bid on it – I once made £250 selling one of those sample plastic containers,” she said.

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